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A active leader in the Clarksville, Tennessee community.


Over 30 years of experience in appeals.

Tennessee Trial Lawyer Since 1988

My name is Gregory D. Smith. As a Tennessee trial lawyer since 1988, I have represented thousands of clients in a wide range of matters, including:

  • Civil litigation and appeals
  • Mediation
  • Criminal defense and appeals
  • Family law, including divorce and child custody
  • Military law, including military divorce and courts-martial
  • Native American tribal law

Every case is unique, but they all require thoughtful legal analysis tailored to the client’s requirements and goals. I work diligently to assure the best possible outcome for every legal conflict my clients face. While I always seek a fair and sustainable out-of-court solution, I am a seasoned litigator with hundreds of favorable verdicts.

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Named One Of Tennessee’s Top 100 Trial Attorneys In Criminal Defense

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Areas of Practice

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I have established one of the busiest appellate practices in Tennessee. I have handled more than 800 appeals since founding my firm in 1988.

Civil Law

I have practiced civil litigation in Clarksville, Tennessee, since 1988. As a trial lawyer, I have represented thousands of clients in a broad range of civil matters.

Military Law

The needs of a military family and community come with special consideration. Gregory D. Smith won the American (Am. Jur) award for Military Justice at Cumberland School of Law.

Criminal Law

Experience is vital when one faces criminal charges. I have represented thousands of defendants in both state and federal courts at all stages of trial.

Family Law

I actively practice in the area of family law. Family law falls into four basic categories: Divorce, Juvenile law, Child support/visitation/adoption, and Wills.

Published Opinions

I have approximately 75 cases that I worked on resulting in published opinions throughout the United States.


I have authored or co-authored two books on Tennessee juvenile law and wrote the Tennessee Municipal Judges Benchbook. I have approximately 25 law review articles in print.




Published Opinions


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