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My name is Gregory D. Smith, and I have practiced civil litigation in Clarksville, Tennessee, since 1988. As a trial lawyer, I have represented thousands of clients in a broad range of civil matters, including:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Civil rights violations
  • Environmental law
  • Corporate law
  • Personal injury
  • Native American tribal law
  • Military law
  • Family law

Having successfully litigated and settled thousands of cases at both the state and federal levels, I understand the commitment and attention to detail that it takes to represent a party in a civil matter. I represent both plaintiffs and defendants, so I can predict the other side’s strategy and build the strongest possible case based upon the evidence and the law.

As a solo practitioner, I am capable of successful representation in the most complex litigation cases, including intellectual property, mass torts and more.

An Alternative To The Costs Of Going To Court

Most parties involved in legal disputes are interested in alternatives to the time, expense and emotional drain that a lawsuit can bring. While it is not always the best solution, mediation is a popular alternative that helps many people resolve their conflicts inexpensively. I represent clients in mediation to help them work with the opposing parties to find an acceptable solution.

The Legal Counsel You Deserve

As a wronged individual or business owner in need of legal defense, you deserve experienced and effective legal representation. The Law Office of Gregory D. Smith is one of the top civil law firms for one reason: a unique combination of experience and client-focused counsel that puts your needs first.

For a consultation with me, attorney Gregory D. Smith, please call my Clarksville office at 931-647-1299.

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