The divorce process is never easy. Even if ending your marriage is a mutual decision, it can be full of turmoil and confusion. The thought of courtroom battles may fill you with dread. But there is an alternative to the traditional litigation – mediation. We at The Law Office of Gregory D. Smith offer mediation services because we understand that litigation is not the best method for everyone. Our team helps many couples get divorced amicably and quickly.

Contrary to popular beliefs and portrayals of divorce, it does not need to deplete your emotional and financial resources. yours does not need to be full of anger and fear. Psychology Today points out that mediation is a collaborative and cost-effective alternative to adversarial litigation. Mediating your divorce allows you to negotiate an agreement instead of lashing out at one another.

Mediation is best if you and your spouse are transparent and respectful. The process provides both of you with equal bargaining strength. In mediation, a neutral third party guides you through the dispute resolution process until you both come to an agreement about the issues in your divorce. By maintaining civility and common goals, mediation often eases the psychological pain and monetary expenses of divorce.

The mediation process gives you a peaceful structure to communicate, clarity about the law and a chance to voice your concerns. Just because you are ending your marriage does not necessarily mean you and your spouse cannot work together to make the process easier on yourselves. You can find out more about divorce mediation on our web page.

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