As Americans approach the first anniversary of COVID-19 shutdowns, it is important to remember that courtesy must not be hidden behind our masks. Stores and businesses must not just open doors, they must also reopen customer service. In the legal profession, a sharp tongue and quick wit are vital, useful and valued. That being said, lawyers should return to being word masters — not word muggers. Make your point with the skill of a surgeon, not a crashes of a bar bouncer. We all need to see professionalism return to all aspects of life, from the U.S. Congress to the corner supermarket. Let the courtrooms lead this charge.

Greg Smith

The COVID-19 pandemic may temporarily delay a lawsuit, but it does not stop a lawsuit. While courts may be closed for all but extraordinary or emergency circumstances, cases can still be filed, discovery continues, and mediation occurs. Be sure to check with your attorney because time deadlines may be running. Legal representation is one of the listed “essential services” that continue, even though most businesses are closed, so your attorney should be available, either in person, via Skype, or by phone. On April 22, 2020, I have the honor speaking to approximately 800 judges from across the U.S. (and in several other countries) about the judge’s ethical duty to move cases along during a pandemic as part of a National Judicial College country-wide podcast. If you wish to talk with an attorney about your case in the Montgomery County, Tennessee area, and you have not already retained a lawyer, call attorney Gregory D. Smith at 931/647-1299. #covid19 #lawyer #lawyers